Orba commercial key visual

Orba Commercial

Art direction & motion design for a music instrument


For this personal project I decided to design and produce a commercial for Orba, a digital music instrument. The goal for me was to practice the video production process and my 3D skills.


Art Direction
Motion Design


Artiphon is the new challenger in the digital music making industry.

01. Concept

Two things set Orba appart on its market (digital music making). It’s easy to use and should feel as simple as the clap of two hands. It’s performance friendly with beautiful gestures and analogical interactions.

My take on this commercial is to show both of these qualities with natural yet simple movements. CGI will help me to show sensitivity in a tangible way.

Orba commercial research


Orba commercial moodboard

piece of moodboard

My research helped me identify the opportunity to target the ideal customer by looking more digital aware than the competition.

I therefore chose to base my moodboard on 3D rendering trends that seems to perform well on social media.

02. Drafts

Orba commercial styleframe


Once the concept was clear, I began by puting up a storyboard, designing a styleframe, and picking a music.

The storyboard consists of various sequences of Orba interacting in a colorful environment to produce sound.

A crucual step before production was to find the music that would match the animation. After a bit of struggle I chose a song from underscores and edited it to be a 30 seconds sample with good material to animate upon.

Orba commercial storyboard


03. Production

Here comes the best part!
Modelisation, animation and render.

I rendered each sequence and edit them up in after effects where I added a slight color correction as well as the title animation.

As a beginner with 3D software, this step was a real challenge but with a bit of efforts things worked out!

Orba Commercial Concept, Adrien Vanca, 2020