Nespresso Livefarms key visual

Nespresso Livefarms

Motion design for in store communication


During apprenticeship at Biggerband, I had the opportunity to work for Nespresso and help producing videos promoting the brand actions on sustainability.


Visual design
Motion Design


Nespresso is a leading premium coffee company.

01. Brief

Livefarms is a multi-touchpoints campaign promoting environmental and social awareness to Nespresso’s customers by letting them discover the life of coffee producers.

One of my first jobs at Biggerband was to produce videos displayed in boutiques on large screens. The most part of storyboard and art direction had already been done.

Nespresso livefarms boutique screen

Frames for v1

02. Production

pieces of animation from livefarms (V1)

The challenge here was to think every piece of animation to be clean, clear, and well-timed for the customer to be able to understand easily the message.

Even though it was a motion design mission, this project has been thought much like an interface with usability constraints. I believe that this work reflect the importance of animations not only on an aesthetic level, but also on a functional one.


03. Automation

A new video each month, translated in 5 languages, adapted to 4 screen formats.

To save hours of work, I decided to automatize the process with custom scripts in after effects and made it possible to update everything in a few clicks for each new version.

Nespresso livefarms (v2)