Flying Whale branding key visual

Flying Whales

Brand identity for a B2B freight company


In this fictitious mission, I challenged myself to design in one week a new brand identity for the french heavy freight company Flying Whales.
Yes, it’s about airships.


Art direction


Flying Whales is developing the future of flying freight.

01. Concept

After a bit of research on the brand and its market, I applied the CORE methodology.

I first defined key attributes of the brand regarding its culture, users, voice, benefits and values.

Finally I picked my main direction for the project: « The soft performance ».

Flying Whales branding research


Flying Whales branding moodboard

piece of moodboard

Once I got the brand statement I put up a moodboard to translate my previous research visually.

The idea is to show reliability, efficiency and righteousness as well as softness, lightness and ecology. The logical choice to me was to find inspiration in swiss modernism in which we find stable and reassuring geometry and large white spaces to breathe freely.

02. Production

Flying Whales branding stylescape


Making a stylescape out of the previous analysis helped me make the art direction clearer and staying consistent for the rest of the project.

It’s also at this point that I began sketching the first ideas for the logo, a critical asset to guide the production of brand collaterals.

Flying Whales logo sketches

logo research

03. Production

After these phases of research and decision making, I was finally able to develop the visual identity, starting with the logo, setting up guidelines, and applying these to a few brand collaterals.

Regarding of the short amount of time I gave myself to achieve these brand identity, I didn’t spend a lot on production. However I got some quick and nice results thanks to the dedication I put in the previous steps.

Flying Whales brand logotype

final logotype

Flying Whales branding element Flying Whales branding element Flying Whales branding element Flying Whales branding element Flying Whales branding element Flying Whales branding element

brand assets

Flying Whales website design